What Do We Do?
Our consulting arm helps existing online games increase their traffic, the number of new players, increase their monetization rate, or just integrate a much stronger data driven approach to your gaming business. We've worked with a vast range of publishers, independent developers, and large gaming companies to improve their games using an objective data driven approach and comprehensive analysis. We also work with game owners on a one-to-one basis to coach them on the daily challenges of running a successful online game. Our experienced team of consultants provides specific recommendations to improve games to gain more revenue and thrive in an expanding marketplace.

How We Operate
We are a registered Australian company (ACN: 128 388 778) and run all our operations under the company name of Random Ramble Pty Ltd.

Our team of marketers, writers, designers, application developers, and project managers are based all over the world. We use in-house development and communication platforms to run projects—and some external software to manage our CRM and other communication.

At the core of our company we have a board of directors—each whom advise on a speciality to help grow the company and its operations.

Where We Came From
The founder of Random Ramble Pty Ltd, Neil Walter—a young in-experienced entrepreneur started our first product: an online role-playing game in December of 2002. After a well meaning challenge from a friend, Neil taught himself programming, some design, and got help from some friends to create his first serious website. This website spawned a small but tight online community, and a game that was one of the first in the street life/gangster genre. Throughout his high school studies and then first years of University, Neil continued to update the game and recruited several more designers and managers to work on the day-to-day issues.

As Neil became more involved in his University life, he undertook a number of leadership roles in student organizations and began having significantly less time to run his original project. Soon enough, Neil found himself in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—undertaking an internship with a well known internet marketing company. It was with his internship that Neil began to see how he could merge his two passions of writing and psychology together—to create viable and simple solutions for online games.

While always remaining the Managing Director of Random Ramble, Neil has been focusing on his personal and professional development: taking up a number of different roles and responsibilities. Today, more people are joining Random Ramble as full-time, part-time, contractors, or just young professionals looking to merge their skills with a more relevant and contemporary online marketing mindset. As the name implies, the company will always be fun, and will always be about games.
Who We Are
Team member profiles will be here soon!